We Build Underground Bomb Shelters

Underground Bomb Shelter Design

What should your underground bomb shelter look like? What materials should it consist of? How should it be designed? These are all important considerations when planning the construction of an underground bomb shelter. Time and money are also significant factors. Essentially, you want an underground bomb shelter that is inexpensive and easy to build, yet strong enough to do the job of keeping you safe. When it comes to your safety (or better, survival), you may think money is no object. Clearly, money is an object - even in the bomb shelter business. Most Americans do not have an extra $80,000 just lying around to spend on a sophisticated bomb shelter system. Remember, with sophistication comes technology (electrical connections, water and air pumps, etc.) You will not be able to rely on such conveniences following a nuclear strike so why bother purchasing them? Frankly, you should rely on living for up to a month without these items.

You do not need a beautifully-shaped, convenience-packed bomb shelter so why spend $35,000 or more on one? Moreover, it wouldn't be wise to take out a second mortgage on your house to fund a bomb shelter. Think about it, you certainly aren't going to want to impress your neighbors with it. More importantly, you don't even want them to know about it! Though all of our bomb shelters and bomb shelter plans can withstand it, forget about surviving the blast wave - there will be no time for outrunning a 2,000 mph wind! And, there are no chemical elements produced during a nuclear explosion. What you need is an underground bomb shelter that offers certain, basic protection from radioactive fallout.